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The Nordic Seminary of the Christian Community will be offered as a part-time education. It is open to people of all ages who wish to deepen their understanding of central topics of christianity. You can choose to take part in the entire study program or just individual courses. The course may also be chosen with the view of entering priesthood, and potentially lead to the preparation course for ordination. This will become apparent for those interested over the course of the Seminary. The Hamburger Priesterseminar is involved as a cooperative partner for the Nordic Seminary.


The seminary courses will take place in Järna, Sweden. The church community there will host this initiative and welcome us warmly. The course lessons will take place in Skäve. Skäve is a sheltered workplace with a farm and garden where we will find suitable classrooms, and the establishment will offer us a warm meal for lunch. Overnight accommodation has been booked for participants and lecturers in the seminary houses belonging to Ytterjärna Kulturhus. Thematically, the Nordic Seminary is based on the seven sacraments. The schedule will alternate between full weeks and weekends of teaching. It has been planned in a way that new topics are being introduced in the week, and further worked on at the weekends. The seminary will also include artistic courses like eurythmie and painting.

Methodology and objectives of the study

The Nordic Seminar would like to inspire all participants to engage in regular self-study in the interim between courses, the results of which will be presented to the group. Depending on the agreement, this can be verbal, written or artistic.

  • Getting to know and delving deeper into the Gospels and the Apocalypse are among the fundamental activities for the participants.
  • One topic about the sacraments will be studied thoroughly and presented.
  • Everyone will have to write a biography and produce a written paper.
  • The participants' personal relationship to christianity will be explored.
  • Which times do we live in? Describe trends from current events
  • How do I plan my own study time?

Additional self-study topics for those who have their sights set on becoming a priest:

  • My relationship to prayer and religious life
  • My relationship to the Christian community and community life
  • My relationship to anthroposophy
  • My relationship to meditation
  • It is desirable that everyone seeks support from a mentor
  • Practises and studies language and declamation
  • Study of Rudolf Steiner's courses for priests (June and fall 1921)
  • Beginning of proclamation through contributions and sermons

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The Team:

Siri Schultze-Florey, Priest in Trondheim, Norway
Lars Åke Karlsson, Retired Priest, Raseborg, Finnland
Fritjof Winkelmann, Priest in Helsinki, Finnland
Christian Scheffler, Priest and leader of the Seminary at the Hamburger Priesterseminar, Germany
Ulrich Meier, Priest and leader of the Seminary at the Hamburger Priesterseminar, Germany

Please do get in touch to inform us if you would like to participate at the Nordic Seminary, be it with a desire to become a Priest, or with a wish for further personal development.